Vinoxx Surface Disinfectant

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Size: Tub (160 wipes)
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Free of alcohol, Vinoxx by maxill is a ready to use disinfectant, cleaner and sanitizer designed for use on non-porous surfaces. When used as directed Vinoxx by maxill is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria.

Vinoxx is a specialty disinfectant and sanitizer formulated for use on sensitive upholstery found on most dental chairs. Vinoxx has been trusted by dentists across Canada for over 15 years for their disinfection needs. Although originally formulated and named for use on sealed vinyl, Vinoxx is also an excellent disinfectant and sanitizer for all hard surfaces including counter-tops, washroom fixtures and surfaces, and non-critical medical devices. Vinoxx can even be used as an ultrasonic cleaner/disinfectant.


Does Vinoxx disinfect COVID-19?”

This is a common question. maxill has been fielding a lot of questions about surface disinfectants and COVID-19.

The up front and straight answer is, NO. Vinoxx is not labeled to disinfect COVID-19 and as of June 2020, there are no disinfectants in the marketplace with a label claim.

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