Our organization

Lighthouse Medical Supplies Ltd. is headquartered in Bermuda and has an office in Jamaica (where we trade as Riverside Medical Supplies Ltd.). As a medical consumables and equipment provider, we work with outpatient and inpatient medical facilities, imaging centers and medical laboratories. With physical presence in all our markets and emphasis on personal relationships and face-to-face contact with our customers and prospects, we are a logical choice for manufacturers interested in winning market share in the Caribbean islands.

Important notes: 

  • Anti-corruption stance - we are fully adherent to the FCPA and international anti-bribery rules.
  • Freight forwarders - we have a global network of pick-up points and are able to handle any international shipment.
  • Payments - we pre-pay for all orders, lessening hassle for your company.

What we do

At present, we provide related consulting, products and services that include but are not limited to the following:
  • Clinical instruments, supplies and equipment 
  • Diagnostic medical laboratory consumables and equipment, both point-of-care and stationary
  • Medical imaging supplies and equipment 
  • New practice / facility outfitting advice and services

What gives us an edge

Our founders have many years of combined healthcare expertise. Ms. Yana Swainson, CEO, has 7 years of experience in delivering and managing delivery of high-quality in-home care. I am a licensed US physician, board certified in radiology, with 16 years of clinical experience in outpatient and inpatient healthcare settings.

Why work with us?

  • Great fit – due to our clinical experience, we understand clinical and diagnostic medicine better than most distributors.
  • Highest level clinical expertise – as a company lead by a physician, with hand-picked and clinically experienced staff, we pride ourselves in our medical and clinical knowledge, and our ability to efficiently and cost-effectively solve healthcare-related challenges.
  • Tight focus – our efforts are exclusively focused on medical equipment and supplies – nothing else.
  • We care - we respect our customers and welcome all questions and constructive discussions! We have live people promptly answering our phone, return our emails quickly and welcome face-to-face meetings.
  • We take it personally – when we partner with a manufacturer, we protect and enhance their brand’s reputation as if it was our own. We view ourselves as a marketing, service, support and logistics partner, not a rent-seeking middle man.
  • Active marketing – our contact with customers and prospects is frequent and relevant; we know their challenges and needs and are always discussing solutions. We visit our customers and prospects in person, as well as conduct periodic telephone conversations and e-mail exchanges. Our staff does not wait to be contacted; we travel and seek out meetings. Our strategy also includes organizing events (lunches, talks, product demos, feedback gathering) for local healthcare workers.
  • Culture of knowledge – we continuously train our staff and encourage them to take courses relevant to their positions.
Lighthouse Medical is the perfect distribution partner for medical device and consumables manufacturers who seek to do business in the Caribbean. We look forward to working with you!


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