Reversible thumb brace, universal fit

Sale price$ 26.00


  • STABILIZING THUMB SPLINT Providing optimal support, the Vive thumb splint immobilizes the thumb to relieve pain, inflammation and swelling
  • INJURY SUPPORT Supporting and stabilizing the thumb in a neutral position, the splint is great for sprains, strains and soft tissue injuries
  • RIGID DUAL SPLINT Dual aluminum splints immobilize and support the thumb to promote natural healing following injury or surgery
  • OPEN PALM DESIGN Reversible splint features an open palm design for easily completing everyday tasks
  • SOFT, BREATHABLE BLEND Constructed with a perforated neoprene blend, the Vive thumb splint allowing air to freely circulate for all-day comfort
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT Secured with two, easy-pull fastener straps, the thumb splint comfortably fits wrist circumferences up to 8.66”

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