Foam Dressing 4" X 4.25"

MedprideSKU: MPR-65024

Sale price$ 39.00


  • Foam wound dressing - This non-adhesive dressing is a great choice for oozing wounds due to comfortable application, good absorbency, easy removal and change.
  • Optimal wound healing environment - Provides an oozing / exudative wound with the ideal moisture levels to heal while absorbing any excess fluid, while remaining breathable.
  • Flexible - Allows for freedom of movement.
  • Individually wrapped - Remaining sterile as long as the packaging is intact, up to the application time.
  • Multiple uses - Suitable for mildly to moderately exudative wounds like ulcers, pressure sores, diabetic wound, cysts, eczema, post-surgery injuries, or mild skin injury.

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