Dual Strap Ankle Hot and Cold Pack

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This product will alleviate your ankle soreness and fatigue; the Arctic Flex Dual Strap Ankle Pack provides you a complete coverage of the foot and ankle with a flexible when-frozen wrap. You can use the ankle wrap for soothing heat or cold therapy with mild compression to reduce pain and swelling due to sprains, strains, bruising, and common injuries. The ice ankle wrap is sized to fit most ankles and is secured in place with two flexible fastener straps.


  • Soothing Ankle Pain Relief
    Alleviating pain, swelling, and inflammation in the foot and ankle, the Arctic Flex Ankle Hot and Cold Pack provides therapeutic heat or cold with mild compression to promote natural healing. The ankle wrap soothes sore, bruised, and swollen ankles, sprains, strains, and other common injuries of the ankle and foot. 
  • Effective Thermotherapy
    Easily warm or cool the large Arctic Flex gel pack as needed hot or cold therapy. When frozen, the pack remains flexible to easily wrap around the ankle for cooling relief. The versatile gel pack can also be heated in a microwave or a similar manner for effective heat therapy.
  • Dual-Sided Pack
    Our Arctic Flex ankle ice wrap features two exterior materials for customizable ice therapy. One side is made with a smooth nylon material that provides a more intense cold feel. The reverse side is lined with a plush material that acts as a barrier and minimizes condensation.
  • Flexible Fit
    Featuring dual fastener straps, our ankle ice wrap is easy to put and secure. Sized to accommodate swollen ankles, the straps stretch to provide a comfortable fit for most individuals. 

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