CURAD Oil Emulsion Dressing, 3" x 8"

MedlineSKU: CUR250381

Packaging: Box of 24
Sale price$ 39.00


  • Sterile Dressing Made of Knitted, High-Porosity Cellulose Acetate
  • Impregnated with USP White Petrolatum
  • Emulsion Blend that Permits the Flow of Exudates Without Adhering to Granulating Tissue
  • Non-Occlusive Dressing Helps Minimize Skin Maceration
  • Highly Conformable and Ideal for Lightly Draining Wounds
  • For Use with Minor Burns, Lacerations, Abrasions, Suture Lines, and Episiotomy Incisions
  • Use Directly on the Wound Beneath an Absorbent Secondary Dressing
  • Compare with Cuticerin
  • 2 package sizes available: 24 / box and 108 / box.

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