Airgo Comfort-Plus XC Premium Transport Chair

Drive MedicalSKU: 700-830

Sale price$ 499.00


Get the transport chair that allows perfect caregiver control, enhances client safety and is easy to use and load into vehicles!

  • Angled handlebars provide more room for one’s back
  • Caregivers will appreciate the comfortable ergo-form handgrips with convenient lockable hand brakes for increased safety
  • Unique footrests can be conveniently locked to the side of the frame for easy storage
  • Detachable flip back armrests get out of the way make horizontal sliding transfers easy. Also convenient to pull up to a table or desk
  • Extra safety due to included heel loops and seat belt
  • Large 12" rear wheels with premium bearings for smoother rolling and increased comfort
  • Ergo-form handgrips comfortably fit your palm and provide natural brake access
  • Handgrip mounted brake levers for increased control
  • Anatomically correct seat-to-armrest height for a naturally erect posture
  • Detachable full flip-back armrests for effortless transfers
  • Fold down back for more compact transport and storage
  • Convenient backrest pouch for discreet storage
  • Excellent choice for home care

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