Abena Abri-Man Formula 2 Male Guards

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Discover Maximum Comfort and Protection with Abena Abri-Man Formula 2 Male Guards

Stay Dry and Comfortable All Day Long with Superior Absorbency and a Snug, Secure Fit


  • Soft, breathable material keeps you comfortable and dry all day long
  • Contoured shape ensures a snug and secure fit that moves with you
  • Specifically designed for men, to be worn within regular underwear
  • Breathable backing for skin protection

Superior Protection:

  • High absorbency level ensures you stay dry and comfortable
  • Adhesive strip keeps the guard in place for added protection against leaks and odors
  • Holds 24 fl oz (more than the volume of even a large bladder)
  • Spill guards on both sides

Discreet Design:

  • Slim and lightweight design ensures discreet wearability under clothing
  • Secure fixation by self-adhesive strip

Easy to Use:

  • Convenient and hassle-free solution
  • Easy to use and change – simply remove and dispose of the used guard and replace with a new one


  • Affordable solution for managing leakage
  • Helps avoid accidents and embarrassing situations

Order Now:

  • Enjoy free delivery on your Abena Abri-Man Formula 2 Male Guards (with orders of $75 or more)
  • Experience maximum comfort, superior protection, and discretion

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