Abena Abri-Let MAXI Booster Pads, 1300ml Absorbency


Packaging: Case of 120 (6 bags of 20)
Sale price$ 114.00


A booster pad raises the absorbency of a brief or a pull-up.

When to use Abri-Let:

Abri-Let is a multipurpose pad used as:

  • Maternity pad;

  • Booster pad for pull-ups or briefs that are not enough by themselves;

  • Absorbing pad for wound care or

  • Light incontinence pad.

How Abri-Let works:

  • Abri-Let is not meant for use by itself; you should wear it inside of a pull-up or a brief;
  • First, Abri-Let soaks up nearly 1/3 of a gallon of fluid;
  • Once full, it transmits the extra fluids to a pull-up or a brief, where is it placed.

The pad measures 6.3" x 24".



 Fully Breathable Cover
 Super Absorbent Core
 Top Dry Aquisition Layer
 Ultra Soft for Added Comfort
 Odor System
 Soundless for Discretion

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