Meet our team

Yana Swainson

Chief Executive Officer

Cell: (441) 777-5483

From the beginning, she established a culture of service at our company. She continues to uphold and strengthen this culture every day we operate. Yana's motto is "Our word is our bond."

Mike Serebrennik, MD

Chief Operating Officer

Cell: (441) 747-5483

Known in the community as "Dr. Mike," he brings over 15 years of medical experience to Lighthouse Medical. Mike believes that our mission is to educate, strengthen and enrich the community.

Courtney Smith

Business Development Manager

Cell: (441) 705-5483

Having worked at a multi-specialty medical clinic, Courtney has a detailed understanding of medical facility and diagnostic imaging center operations. In addition to having extensive and nuanced product knowledge, Courtney is an efficiency expert with the ability to streamline workflows and control costs. Coupled with her attentive, personalized approach, you will not find a more effective professional to help your practice continue to thrive.

Duvon Powell

Fulfillment & Delivery Technician

Duvon is the face of our company and the person you will meet when you take delivery of your orders. Duvon's friendly smile and helpful approach make him a favorite of our customers, most of whom know Duvon by name. Duvon takes pride in his expert knowledge of our island and puts it to work for quick, efficient equipment deliveries and assembly. One of Duvon's special skills is connecting with customers on the go and making deliveries extremely convenient.