Bermuda's parents can now get new, skin-friendly safe baby diapers and keep their babies healthy

Baby diapers could cause health problems for our babies.

Have you noticed that some baby diapers cause problems?

You see, diapers should do more than just prevent leaks and avoid a mess (although some diapers don't do even that). They should keep babies dry, comfortable (again, not every diaper is comfortable) and safe. But not all of them do.

Many diapers fall short on the safety front. 

Certain chemicals like leak proof and super absorbent polymers, as well as some scented chemicals, can seriously damage our babies' health. These chemicals have been suspected of causing infections, allergies, chronic diaper rash, liver damage, respiratory problems like asthma, male infertility and even testicular cancer.

The thing is, babies' poorly developed outer skin layer is not yet effective at keeping bad things out of the body. Babies' skin can absorb about 50 different chemicals from disposable diapers, wipes and standard baby products. Babies need none of these in their bodies. Not even one.

In other words, diapers are toxic to our babies. That is absolutely unacceptable, even if we ignore other problems diapers cause, such environmental pollution with toxic chemicals from landfills.

The average baby goes through 6-8 diapers a day. That's up to almost 3,000 diapers a year, and up to 10,000 diapers until potty training is complete! Shouldn't we have made a safe and effective baby diaper by now? Why is this ridiculous situation allowed to go on?

There have been failed attempts to solve the problem.

Making a natural, non-toxic diaper is possible, but there are challenges to overcome. One challenge is cost - some plastics, polymers and organic compounds used in diapers are cheap. Customers want cheaper products, and manufacturers give customers what they want.

Another one is difficulty. Many of the above-mentioned cheap diaper components happen to work well - for example, perfumes produce a pleasant scent, super-absorbent polymers soak up a lot of fluid and chemicals called phthalates make plastics more flexible and durable. However, many of these chemicals are also unsafe. Doing research towards developing safer alternatives is expensive, time-consuming and is not guaranteed to be successful.

This is why most mass-market baby diapers are not as safe as they could be. We need to look beyond the cheap, generic diapres if we want to keep our babies safe.

Solution: Bambo Nature.

When we discovered the Abena Bambo Nature baby diapers, we could not help but feel excited. The makers never add chemicals, dyes, parabens or perfumes to their diapers! Bambo Nature products are also free of chlorine and all known allergens. While providing perfect fit and high absorbency, Bambo Nature products have won The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Asthma Allergy Nordic Label. These tough-to-earn credentials are independent proof that this Denmark-based brand ranks at the top of the world's baby diaper quality list.

Dermatologically tested and ultra-safe and comfortable Bambo Nature products are now available in Bermuda from select retailers, such as NEST Maternity and Baby, Robertson's Pharmacy and People's Pharmacy.

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