3 ways to better care for yourself during inflation


Lately, this word is on everyone's lips. You get less and less for your money each passing day. The selection is limited, and the stuff is not that great.

$100 barely filled grocery baskets. Electricity bills approaching the $1,000 mark. Fueling up a small vehicle? Out of reach! You put in half a tank and stretch it as long as you can.

Until now, many of us have not experienced inflation in our lifetimes. Last time things were this bad, people wore bell-bottoms and listened to Abba. Well, things are not yet as bad as they got in the 1970s. However, back then, inflation got worse with time and it could happen again.

Here are 3 things you can do to fight inflation, or at least give it a run for its (no longer as useful) money.

1. Take care of your health.

An obvious truth that always bears repeating: your health is your most important asset. If you are healthy, you can earn money, take care of your household and help your family. 

Your health becomes even more critical as you age. Stay physically active, eat healthy and get enough sleep. Try to get better at managing stress; there will be plenty of it.

When needed, use tools to protect your body from overuse and injury. Get a shower chair, a grab bar, a bath mat or a transfer bench to avoid trouble from falling in the shower. Get a lift chair to stand up more easily and raise your legs to reduce swelling. Get a floor scale to watch your weight. Monitor your blood pressure. Check your blood sugar. Take responsibility, decide to do something and then get going!

Lift chair / recliner
A lift chair / recliner.

2. Take advantage of special deals or buy in bulk.

This requires a little bit of time to find the deals, but we spend our lives trading time for money anyway. And the deals - they are out there! You just have to be on the lookout for them. Without going too far, we have our own incontinence care bundle going right now.

Some stores sell various products in bulk, and the savings can be significant. If you know that you will need the product and use it, why not buy more and get a discount? Also, during inflation, your money goes further now than it will in a month or two. So, buying in bulk helps you get more for your money before the money loses value.

Here is an example of a big win when you buy in bulk. Abena Abri-Flex, the best protective pull-ups we know, cost $33 per pack and $160 per case of 6 packs.

If you bought 6 packs individually, you would spend $198. That's $38 more than if you bought a case of 6 packs at once! This is about 20% savings. Take that, inflation!

3. Use your resources wisely. 

This is a wide topic, so here is a specific example. Did you know that many healthcare products can be covered by your health insurance?

For example, an electric mobility scooter, a lift chair / recliner, ostomy supplies, wound care materials and many other things can be covered by health insurance when they are medically necessary. If you think you need some durable medical equipment, ask your doctor about it. Once you have a prescription, please get in touch with us and we will help you file your claim.

You (and/or your employer) are already paying the policy premiums, so there is nothing wrong with appropriately using your policy to help with the cost of medical supplies and equipment.

An electric mobility scooter.

Final word

Inflation is tough. Still, we have beaten it before and will beat it again. Use the 3 ideas we shared here, and you will be 3 steps closer to winning the good fight!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please call us at 777-5483. We are here to improve YOUR healthcare outcome.

Please note: this article is not medical advice. Please consult your physician before making any lifestyle changes or doing anything mentioned in this article.

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