Our supplier, Attends, has upgraded the Extra Absorbent Breathable Briefs. The new version is called DermaDry Complete.

DermaDry Complete are now easily the best briefs available in Bermuda... The only exception being Attends Overnight Breathable Briefs.

What makes the new DermaDry Complete so effective?

Just have a look at the new features.

New super-absorbent core retains 50% more liquid and stays 25 times drier than before. This minimizes leakage and feeling wet. Of course, not doing needless laundry saves money.

Inner leg cuffs make DermaDry Complete 3 times better at leakage prevention. They prevent the fluid from escaping, giving the absorbent material a chance to soak it up. They also direct fluids to the absorbent core, making absorption more effective.

Extra-wide tabs make DermaDry Complete stay on more securely. No more detached sticky tabs! These briefs stay on, and stay closed.

 DermaDry Complete briefs are available now, once we sell out of the Extra Absorbent Breathable Briefs.

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