Extra Large Electric Heating Pad

Vive healthSKU: LVA1060GRYL

Sale price$ 55.00


  • EXTRA LARGE Measures 12" x 24"
  • TARGETED PAIN RELIEF Flexible pad contours to your body for concentrated pain relief
  • MUSCLE RELAXATION AND STRESS RELIEF Consistent heat provides soothing therapy for your back, shoulders, abdomen, hips, legs and more Elegant woman lay down in a sofa with electric heating padPressing electric heating pad controller
  • MULTIPLE HEAT SETTINGS Easy to use controller allows you to choose between warm, low, medium, and high heat to match preferences
  • DEEPLY PENETRATING MOIST HEAT Included moisture sheet creates a relaxing heat to loosen muscles and soothe aching joints Middle age woman sleeping in a sofa with electric heating padElectric heating pad with controller
  • NINE FOOT POWER CORD The extra long 120v cord lets you soothe pain and rest comfortably in any location
  • HANDY MICROPLUSH COVER The ultra-soft cover & two snap closures secure interior pad and anti moisture sheet from slipping

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