Body Up Evolution 4 in 1 Patient Lift and Mobility Device

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This is an open-box demo unit.



Advanced Patient Lift

Advanced Patient Lift
  • Special gears and levers are making the use simple and easy for all.
  • Physical stress is not needed; you no longer have to use strength to achieve the required tasks.
  • Back pain is a thing of the past!
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean.
  • No worrying about charging a battery!
  • Light construction, allows you to carry the lift with you in the car.
  • Raise the client from bed with ease and dignity.
  • Unlike a classic patient lift, Body Up Evolution is designed to lift you from the bed while your body maintains its natural sitting posture.

All purpose bath/commode chair

All purpose bath/commode chair
  • After being raised from the bed, without any additional conversion, client can use Body Up Evolution as a bath/commode chair. Body Up is made of high quality stainless steel that makes it water-resistant.
  • Allows bathing and toileting in the natural, private environment.
  • The bed can now stay clean.

Indoor wheelchair

Indoor wheelchair
  • After a client is raised, Body Up Evolution works as an indoor wheelchair or as sofa on wheels!
  • Increase the Body Up width and place clients in their favorite wheelchair.

Vehicle access

Vehicle access
  • After raising a client from the bed, Body Up Evolution allows easy vehicle access.
  • Compatible with most vehicle types.
  • Clients can ride a vehicle on a daily basis.
  • No expenses for car modifications.


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