Attends Overnight Breathable Briefs

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Update: we are replacing Attends Overnight Briefs with Abena Abri-Form PREMUM Adult Briefs. Why should you consider Abena? Here is the answer.

NOTE: BRNT series products have been replaced by the DDEW series products. The only difference is that DDEW cases contain twice as many units as BRNT, with proportional change in pricing.

No more needless linens laundering or underpad changing!

Our most absorbent briefs for extended wear - day or night! These are not your average "adult diapers" - you can depend on these briefs to keep you dry and not leak. Attends® Overnight Breathable Briefs are specifically made with the user’s extended protection needs in mind.

Delivered in discrete brown boxes - we protect your privacy!

  • No more losing sleep and waking up to change in the middle of the night! No more wasting money by doubling up on protective briefs! These briefs can handle even the severe incontinence level.
  • Promote healthy skin with air-comfort breathable side panels.
  • Create comfort, discretion and skin wellness with soft, cloth-like inner liner AND outer covering
  • MAXIMUM absorbency due to additional super absorbent polymer and cellulose fibers
  • Further promote skin health and managing odor with the triple-tier moisture locking system (cellulose fibers, microporous acquisition layer, super absorbent polymer) for highest improvement in absorbency
  • Precise fit with extra-wide, soft and flexible Comfort Flex-Tabs® that fasten anywhere and provide added security
  • Latex free
Size Catalog Number Case count  Inner Packaging
Medium (32”- 44”) BRNT20 36 2 bags of 18
Large (44”- 58”) DDEW30 56 4 bags of 14
X-Large (58”- 63”) BRNT40 28 2 bags of 14


We prefer the term "briefs" to "diaper" or "diapers."

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