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Globe Scientific

Exceptional quality laboratory products such as glassware, plasticware and equipment. Also offers analyzer consumables for most major instrument brands. Specimen bags and containers, microscope slides, inoculation loops, pipette tips and many other items.

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Hardy Diagnostics

A comprehensive microbiology and mycology supply manufacturer, including culture media, susceptibility testing, food safety and other items.

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ELITech Group

A clinical laboratory equipment and consumables manufacturer offering microbiology and hematology slide stainers, cytocentrifuges, chemistry analyzers, molecular diagnostics instruments and related consumables.

ELITech Group
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Inova Diagnostics

A clinical laboratory equipment, consumables and rapid test kits manufacturer

Inova Diagnostics
Biokit rapid tests

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Arlington Scientific

The market leader in non-treponemal syphilis testing, this powerhouse offers multiple additional rapid test kits. Also available are ELISA test kits, a fully automated ELISA analyzer and an automated Syphilis analyzer.

Arlington Scientific
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