Lighthouse Medical Supplies Ltd., based in Bermuda, was established to solve problems.

We want to help you tool up for the job. Your tools work for you - and you want the most efficient ones. Our expertise lies in understanding your work, sorting through many options and coming up with the best. If we cannot find the best, we will develop it, manufacture it and deliver it to you. We will not stop until you are satisfied.

We are interested in doing what others cannot or are not willing to do for you. This is our niche. This is our expertise. This is our edge.

We are a local Bermuda company, conceived and lead by a Bermudian. Even though we are a young company, we have many years of healthcare expertise. Yana Swainson has extensive in-home care experience and is an expert in her line of work. Mike Serebrennik is a physician and his mission is to make sure our products work consistently and effectively.

Our website is also a full-featured store, where you can order everything we carry, check if something is in stock and find out about new products and promotions.

We like our customers and welcome all communication! You can contact us here.


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