This is why you are not losing weight


One can lose weight by eating less.

True or false?

Turns out that while this is not false, it is not always true. Sure, we could lose a few pounds by eating fewer calories. However, the new, thinner body will need fewer calories to maintain itself. The diet will then stop working.

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Also, not all calories are created equal. There is some evidence that people with high blood sugar will lose more weight if they cut down on simple carbohydrates. Mediterranean diet is a good example of such regimen.

A person with normal blood sugar levels will lose similar amounts of weight by cutting fats or carbohydrates. However, protein calories are different. High-protein diets help burn calories and preserve muscle. This is important because weight loss usually involves a loss of muscle, not just fat. This loss of muscle can slow down metabolism, which can result in gaining the weight back. Dietary protein can also keep one satisfied longer.

Genetics also play a role. It is much easier for some people to stay lean than for others. Men also tend to lose fat faster than women, because they usually carry more muscle. Women, however, tend to keep their weight off longer.

Exercise can help one lose weight, and is even more important in keeping the weight off. Be active often and for longer to lose weight and stay lean.

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